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Picture this: a married couple decide to start a blog about themselves (this isn’t a bar joke we promise) and they spend 6 hours ‘mind mapping’ the future categories for posts, compiling and creating all of the social media profiles and configuring their bio so it’s ‘just right.’

Then it comes time to post their first blog! Enter the heated debate from said married couple.

So here we are! We decided that our first blog would be about writing our first blog, sounds riveting right? We assure you we aren’t going to waste your time, we have stories that have made us cry, laugh, shudder, scream, scratch our heads in disbelief and after years of being told “oh you just gave me goose bumps with that story” we figured, why not write this down and share it with you, our reader?

In a nutshell, some of the topics we’ll be touching on are birth, love, death, murder, injuries, politics, fails, wins, animals, gaming, music, past, present, future- you name it – anything associated with life that you may (or may not) have in common with us.

So who is ‘us’ you ask?

We’d like to know that too!

But for now we’ve gathered this much:

  1. We live on the West Coast of Australia
  2. Jack* is turning 35 Jill* is turning 30
  3. If we could we’d have elebenty cats
  4. We have a little human as a product from the wedding ‘fun’
  5. We take heed of any ‘signs’ that follow a gut instinct
  6. Our dream home would have a gaming room complete with gaming chairs
  7. Seven is a lucky number (We still reckon Ozlotto will be our winner).
  8. Neither of us can pronounce Feng Shui
  9. Currently we’re watching The Nanny and Kath&Kim on repeat
  10. We like to shower naked, but keep that last one to yourself (or it might catch on).

*For the sake of this blog Jack and Jill will be our names 🙂