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Raine, Eva & Freddie

Raine, Eva & Freddie

It was inevitable that as being owned by 3 cats it wouldn’t take long for us to talk about them. Over the years we’ve had precious little felines come and go, some happy instances, but also some sad goodbyes. At present our fur babies keep us on our toes! They may be black cats that some consider unlucky, but lucky for us they each have tiny tufts of white fur on their chests, so they’re not all bad…

Let’s begin with our first and eldest dear little *insert expletive* (in time you’ll get to know her and understand haha), who has been with us since the start.

Her name is Raine the ScrapCat.

She’s 11 going on 60 and was rescued by me whilst I was working at a local scrap yard. Long story short she, her siblings and her mother were in a car that was being recycled and no one was aware of the litter and mum. Unfortunately Raine was the only survivor and to make it worse, she was only a day old and motherless.

The first thing I did, as with all of the other workers, was to stop production (resulting in a few $$$ losses for the company – oops), sadly, my co-worker told me he couldn’t take the poor kitten home as he already had 11 cats to feed, so I rang Jill and she was more than happy to adopt the little fuzzball that was no bigger than the palm of my hand.

It was on the way to the vet that afternoon that it started to rain heavily, adding to the fact that November Rain by GNR was playing on the radio AND it was November. We decided to call her Raine 🙂

After vet checks/advice and shopping for cat supplies we got stuck into training her to suckle, her eyes hadn’t even opened yet! Over time we did the syringe feeding at hourly intervals and then we were struck with another blow, her eyes opened and she suffered from conjunctivitis, badly. We tried everything the vet told us to do, but nothing worked.

At this stage Jill was still living with her father and brother only a stone’s throw from where I worked and they had a big bull terrier x border collie, so we made sure to keep the kitten away from harm. We got a fright one day though, Jill’s brother’s dog broke through the safety barrier and lunged for Raine, it was so quick we couldn’t stop him!

All he did though, was lick her eyes and walk away and her eye infection cleared right up, it’s not come back since.

9 Years later enter our little human’s birthday present, Eva A.K.A LowRider

If there is one thing we’ve learnt over time, it’s to NOT walk past pet shops that have kittens. That uncontrollable urge to Ooh and Aah at their playfulness makes it very difficult to say no to a child more obsessed with cats then anyone we know.

Having moved around quite a bit due to circumstances over the past years, we felt it time to finally take the plunge and allow our little human to have her own kitty. And what a kitty she is!

Eva has the most precious temperament, and loves to boop and loll about. She doesn’t say much, until she goes into heat! We purchased her desexing up front as a voucher, but unbeknownst to us, it’s since become invalid and at this stage the cost of getting her sorted isn’t available to us. We lost track of time and yes we know it’s wrong, but she’s solely an indoor cat, enjoying her belly scratches.

Unfortunately, every time she does begin her in-heat cycle, the song Low Rider by War gets stuck in our heads. She was born in April and has since had a birthday party complete with treats from Jack and Jill.

And last but not least – there’s Freddie the mewling MamaDoll

He received his nickname due to the sound he makes when I pick him up and he lays on his back, a little dip and he makes the same sound a doll makes when saying “Ma Ma.”

Whilst Jack was working overseas, our little human decided Eva needed an playmate as Raine didn’t take too lightly to another feline, so I rang all the local vets to see if any were needed for adoption and discovered one close by had 13! Little Freddie was 12 weeks old and was the only black cat out of the lot.

The other kittens were tiny and I asked why he still hadn’t been adopted, the reply was because nobody in the area ever adopts a black cat? I was shocked! I wanted to take him home so badly, but he wasn’t very affectionate, in fact he’d run away from my hands into the corner.

He decided he wished to go with me by jumping into my handbag when my back was turned. I knew he was perfect to add to our little family and I couldn’t bear the thought that nobody wanted him. So home with us he went! Likewise with Eva, I purchased a voucher upfront and thanks to the vet calling me to let me know he was due, we had him fixed and need not worry about future little Freddie/Eva hybrids.

He’ll be 1 in October and is very shy, except when it’s time for family cuddles, because they mean business and he is our little business cat. Or basement cat depending on the meme you follow 😉