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We do not own this image.

We do not own this image.

At some point or another, we all tend to feel we’ve (or know someone who has) had a close shave with death or major injury. Whether it was taking a different route to work and missing a huge pile up of traffic, catching an earlier flight home and the pre-booked flight goes missing or crashes…It kinda makes you think; what if?

What if I’d been involved? What if I was gone, who would take care of my family? What would my loved ones or parents or friends do if I died?

Then there is the really close shave, the car running into the pole right where you were standing seconds earlier, the heart races uncontrollably and somehow if you watch the video back of someone who’s posted it on Youtube, it doesn’t make the uneasiness go away.

What if I was saved for a reason? Am I that special?

But what if the close call isn’t actually your life at stake? What if, in our case, it’s just a material possession that gets saved? Don’t get us wrong, we have a fair share of near death experiences, for example – Jack was a little boy and ironically, began choking on a life saver, if it wasn’t for a bystander he wouldn’t have made it. Or Jill, when she was a little girl, the neighbour’s kids decided it’d be fun to see what would happen when a brick landed on her head. You could imagine the blood. The doctor said half an inch to the frontal lobe and it would have been instant death.

What if?

So let’s begin our close call story. Enter the newest car to the family, the aqua coloured sedan Jill scored right before her birthday (how she came about it is actually quite spooky, but we’ll touch on that topic in a future blog), it was a car she’d wanted for quite a while, so to take it for a drive to the airport to pick up Jack on an overnight work flight to stay in the city was exciting.

Jack had been away for almost 3 months by this stage and his flight was delayed. The night had already been planned, Jill would pick him up at twilight, they’d head to a co-worker’s house to pick up his bag that he’d forgotten before his secondment, go to Hungry Jacks for dinner to take back to the hotel and meet up with the Grandparents who’d driven up with the little human to see daddy, waiting in the hotel car park.

But due to the flight being delayed, and it being a school night, we thought it best to go straight to the co-worker’s house quickly and then get to the hotel before it got too late. We parked on the far left side next to the parents, our little human so excited to see her dad, we talked for a while, hugs were exchanged and then it was time for them to head back home.

We checked into the hotel then set out to get our dinner, mmm chargrilled burgers.

Upon arriving back at the hotel, we saw our original park had been taken by a white commodore, so we parked opposite it in the middle of the car park and went up to our room.
It was really hard to fall asleep that night, both of us tossing and turning, it wasn’t because we were in a strange bed or anything, we’d stayed in so many hotels over the years so that didn’t bother us, but there was something in the air we both picked up on and we couldn’t put our finger on it. Midnight came and went and poor Jack was still awake, knowing he had to be up and back on a flight in 4 hours. Suddenly there was a huge crash and boom outside; the only way to describe it would be a garbage truck pouring in a whole bin full of glass bottles. Jill raced to the window with Jack and peered down, being on the 2nd floor, the car park and the precious new aqua sedan was very visible.

What we saw next astounded us.

2 large 4 wheel drives were pummelling each other, smashing other cars as they went. It was an act of anger that much was obvious, but the destruction they left behind after each crash was crazy! One was boxed in and the only way to escape the other 4WD was to push innocent cars out of the way. We watched on in amazement that where the white commodore was parked (our original spot) was getting a beating. Over and over again it was pulverized, completely written off and the 2 cars parked on either side of our car were clipped.

Not one scratch did our car get. If we’d parked where we’d planned to earlier, it would have been demolished. What if the plane hadn’t been delayed?

After the 4WDs exited the car park, naturally we and many others staying in the hotel made our way downstairs to check our vehicles. In the elevator heading down, Jack began exclaiming to another guy about the poor white commodore, turns out said guy had hired the car for work reasons.