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Taken Valentine's Day 2015

Taken Valentine’s Day 2015

We’ve been invited to an engagement party for a friend we’ve known mutually for years, one of those “I’ll never settle down types” who suddenly finds himself head over heels with the perfect match. Good for him! But it’s made us nostalgic as we’ll be celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary this year.

So it’s got us thinking – what makes a good marriage?
Well, how long is a piece of string?

For us, it’s our belief that your partner first and foremost needs to be your best friend. Not as in the friend zone blossoming into a romance (although this is also a magical way), no, for us it was love at first sight. Yes, yes, we hear scoffing, but for us this is exactly how it happened, it’s true! We realised very soon after meeting that we were the best of friends from the beginning, instant attraction of personalities.

Of course, because we don’t believe in girls or boys nights out and we do everything together, we’ve lost friends along the way, but you take 1 you take both, we’re joined at the hip.

We’ve had our ups and downs and oh boy have we had some doozy arguments on this crazy roller-coaster of love, but you need to have fireworks at the carnival right? 🙂

Communication is key – If something is troubling you, whether it is a health issue, fear, or money, trust that you can talk to your significant other. Sometimes there might be a snappy reply, this could be because something is troubling them, but if you work through it together it creates a bond unlike any other.

Having failed in business, repossession of our house and car, loss of job and losing plenty of money by sheer mistake or stupidity, we stuck by each other through it all. We’re equals in everything. Work wise we both aim for helping the other accomplish their goals, we also have set goals together to strive for.

It’s not something you can force the other to do, it has to be a mutual respect. Things in common help, but things not in common helps even more as it separates you from the other, it creates a balance if you will. Opposites attract yes, but if you and your loved one are opposite to everybody else’s way of thinking as a couple, you become a team, a force to be reckoned with, a world within yourselves.

You know it’s love if the world was to be emptied tomorrow and the person you’re with is the only one who’s left and you’re fine with that.

Trust, equality, friendship and communication = love.