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We do not own this image

We do not own this image

When a parent decides to replace you, their child, with a whole new family and you don’t hear from them for many years, you finally get over it and move on with your life, resigned to the fact that it’s over.
You go through the phase of guilt, because it could have been something you’d done, then realise no, it’s because they just wished to leave and start afresh. You feel sorrow, because they’ve replaced you and you obviously weren’t good enough. Then you feel indifference, because they’ve made their choice and you’ve become accustomed to their leaving.

Then when their ‘new’ family breaks up, they come crawling back and insist that they haven’t been in touch because you never contacted them. This is when you feel anger, you tried numerous times to touch base with them, but they didn’t care. You feel pity at their cowardice and deceitful nature and refuse to acknowledge their return and then you feel forgiveness, but do not forget, because if they’ve done this once they’ll do it again all the while not one apology for leaving in the first place.

Well you made your bed old man, you sleep in it.