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We do not own this image

We do not own this image

Why is it so much harder to find that perfectly suited suit and shirt for Jack in comparison to Jill’s dress? It’s not that there is a lack of attire for men, it’s just so expensive to find a simple suit in our local brick and mortar little shops of horrors for a one night shindig.

We set out on our journey to find the perfect outfits for the engagement party (mentioned in our Love is in the air blog). Its 9 days until the event and we still haven’t found the ‘right’ one. Jill traipses all over town for a dress, there are so many black ones, but she wears black dresses for work and is so sick of the professional look. She wants wispy, dreamy, flowy, full length, but bridal shops and formal boutiques are pricey. Then there’s the shoes, the cardigan overthrow, the hair, the jewellery, the clutch, ugh.

In and out of shops, feeling despondent at all the expensive frocks leaves her ready to give up and pay big bucks for a 1 time outfit, then she sees it, a casual store with a maxi dress that some would wear as a daytime ensemble, but a little ribbon here and a few accessories there, it could work! The last one on the rack and it’s the perfect size! Reduced from $80 to $19.99? Yes please!!

Now to find the suit… Having taken pictures of a different array of men’s clothing and Jill’s armed with proof of styles for Jack to try on during late night shopping hours after work. The camera made the price tags blurry, it was $99 (cheapest we could find) but it was $199! Noooo, they can’t afford to fork out for a suit that much, let alone the shirt, the shoes, argh it’s never ending. They argue over money. Jack claims Jill is sulking because he won’t go with the cheaper suits “because he doesn’t like the style,” Jill wasn’t sulking at Jack, she was sulking at the system, because men’s clothes are always expensive and it’s unfair.

The day before Jill had researched hiring suits and dresses, the suit alone would cost $190 excluding the deposit and the dress hire is $250+. It was disheartening.

A stony silence follows and resigning themselves to the fact that Jack will have to wear the same suit he already owns and always wears, they pass by a shop that never has anything for him. And there it is. The most beautiful blue suit cut in the way Jack likes it! $50? Yes please! Let’s hope it fits…
A little nip tuck tailored action on the pants and the suit is perfect. Score!

The good luck usually ends about now, but they don’t give up. They decide to try and find the rest of the ensemble – Jack’s shirt MUST match the dress, Jill’s shoes NEED to be reusable for work (but not black), the cardigan HAS TO match the shirt and the dress. Found them! 1 shirt in the right colour and size left on sale, pair of shoes for $10 in the right colour and size left on sale, 1 cardigan in the right size and colour left on sale!! Success! The outfits are sorted, all for under $200.

Ah, it’s the little wins that make a good day.