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We do not own this image

We do not own this image

After losing our house to the bank years and years ago, we found ourselves caught up in ‘the rental trap’. We paid to live in somebody else’s house and still do unfortunately, but we’re blessed to be where we are now, due to our landlord changing our lease to a private rental. So no property management or frequent inspections, yay!

But it hasn’t always been a bed of roses.

The first property we rented, we had a swimming pool that wasted as much electricity on a broken pump as it did on chemicals to clean it. Although we kept it clean and did everything in our power to keep the old house up to standard, we never saw a cent back from the bond.

The 2nd property was an old beach shack, asbestos galore and the lack of heating was horrible. We actually did the place up better then what it was and were happy to stay, but when it came time to move into a house closer to family, we spent weeks cleaning it up. The garden alone to prune and mow was in excess of $400. But unfortunately, again, due to a shonky property management we never saw a cent from that bond either.

3rd property! We never saw a cent of that bond, but that’s because we signed the lease over to a family member so they could live in the house, due to us commencing our work abroad (so our housing at this stage was through employment rentals, which meant no $ to fork out, but our furniture was in storage so the houses never quite felt like home).

Enter the 4th rental. The house was gorgeous! But the neighbours were so rude and childish, we never did anything wrong which made it worse. If the grass in the front yard was longer than an inch, we got phone calls demanding it to be cut. If we flushed the toilet in the ensuite, the little yappy dog next door would constantly bark until the plumbing ceased in sound. We won’t go into detail, but boy was living there terrible.

Now, thankfully we’re in a house close to family, but still renting. We’d like to buy again, but since there was an issue with finance from the repossession earlier in life, it’s put a halt on things. For now we guess we’re just stuck being renters who are frowned upon and getting the rental stink eye.

At least we’re not homeless.