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We do not own this image

We do not own this image

We may not celebrate Independence Day in Australia (for historic reasons obviously), but we had our own little party on the 4th of July, free to dress how we wanted, free to eat how we wanted and because it was at an engagement party, free to party how we wanted!

The engagement party was last night and we like to think for the loved up couple it went off without a hitch, ah we love love. We were curious on the drive up there whether we were going to recognise anybody, but the party goers were close family and friends only, so we see this as a huge compliment for being invited.

It was small affair, about 25 people in total, so the importance of having been regarded as a close friend in comparison to who we thought would have been there was humbling.

Jack and Jill at the casino

Us at the casino

It was a fun night at the casino, we stuffed our faces at the buffet and had a drink or two then proceeded to head into the gambling pit for a flutter after photos and speeches were completed. We walked past the blackjack table on entering and knew that’s what we wanted to try before the night was over. Neither of us had ever played it in person before, but we got the gist of it from San Andreas and Red Dead Redemption haha!

Meanwhile, there was an ABBA tribute band playing in the complex somewhere, so lots of Fridas and Agnethas roaming around in high white boots, flared jumpsuits, long blonde and thick brown wigs everywhere! Good on em!

We gave ourselves a limit, $10 each to use how we wish, so just to begin we tried the pokies, Jill won $5.50 on her first go and Jack $4.75, so we continued on to the blackjack tables, the low bet had to be $15. We sat down and watched an older gentleman play, he won the round as we got comfortable then placed a crisp $100 note on the table, losing every round. He looked us up and down and left abruptly.

He must have thought we were bad luck?

Jack placed his $15 bet and won $15. He tried a 2nd time and voila, another $15. Do we count the money and run, nah one more time – another $15! Jill then had a go, another win and then another. We figured it best to turn away now with $75 profit, plus the $10 from the pokies. What a stroke of luck! That’s just paid for half our outfits!

It was lovely spending time with friends and even better, knowing that we could get dressed up and have a good time, but we knew the long drive back home in the rain was ahead. We got home and changed into our trackie dacks (track pants’ slang) and just watched a little tv. Then it hit. We were starving! So a quick trip down to our 24 hours Hungry Jacks and delicious burgers.

After all these years we still get midnight munchies!