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We do not own this image

We do not own this image

No matter how hard we try, we feel in our bones that there is something we’re meant to do with our lives, both of us just ‘know’ that someday, somehow, something we put our minds to will become a success and change people’s lives. In the years we’ve been married, we’ve been through hardships, and we’ve tried and failed miserably at certain creative notions and business ventures, but we always bounce back.

Simply writing a blog obviously isn’t something we planned to do, but if our words can help any of our readers by way of relating to our story or helping you get through an issue of your own, then that in itself is a success. But what if there was more to it than this? What if, by a stroke of good luck or fate we speak to the right person who is in need of something we can offer?

On so many occasions we’ve been in the right place at the right time and it got us thinking why us? Who are we and why do we matter? We’re just a husband and wife with our own dear little family creating barely a ripple this big wide world of water. If either of us were to pass over tomorrow, the only people that would notice would be our close families.

There would be no national mourning, no fanfare to celebrate our lives, not even a biography in years to come, written by somebody well known. So why do we even bother?

Because we have to try!

We just know there is something important that must be done in our lifetime. We understand we’ll never go to a third world country and help villages gain water, not because we’re cold hearted, we just know that’s not the pathway for us. Nor will we rally and fight a cause in the streets to get our point across; this also isn’t the pathway for us.

Right now all we can do is plod along, putting our minds together to try and THINK of what it is we’re supposed to do. We can’t just stay in the same job and go through the motions until we’re too old to function anymore. We love our respective families, but there’s not a chance we’d survive if we followed in their footsteps.

Life is uncertain. Life is mundane. Life is fleeting. Life is surprising all the same.