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Rescue Remedy
Life has a funny way of telling you you’re getting old. The grunt when you stand up, the cramps that never struck before when you stupidly (after a drink or 2) practice high kicks like ‘you used to do’ in martial arts training or dance class.

The not horrible cough that would simply disappear after a day or so that now seems to last a little longer, or in Jill’s case, turned into pneumonia. As you age you begin to understand how certain factors that have always been a part of your life make sense.

Like anxiety or even depression.

We’ve recently discovered a few changes for the better, excluding eating healthy, going to the gym and cutting back or quitting altogether substances that don’t help the situation; we’ve stumbled on something called Rescue Remedy. It helps with focus and over analysing conversations. Then there’s St John’s Wort, a herbal pill that helps with balancing out the mood and helping in general day to day functions when needed.

Short of going to a doctor every year for the full check-up, blood pressure, blood scans, eye tests, cardio etc, we like to think that we’ve done alright after shifting both our mindset and physical perceptions from where we were years ago. We’re talking about 82 bottles of Jack Daniels in 6 weeks. That can’t be good for anybody! You won’t find any spirits in our house now (except the wispy entity kind, but they can stay).

The chocolate, chips, fast food, sugary drinks, all adds up, so it’s our belief that everything in moderation is ok. A treat is worth it if deserved ;).

Where we live, if you catch a cold that turns into a flu, you can’t simply go to the chemist and get pseudoephedrine tablets without first going through a thorough check of your ID to make sure you’ve not bought it recently. We’ve had issues where both of us have been sick and been unable to buy more (from a different chemist) due to going through a box that we shared so quickly. This check is due to those who use the chemicals to create illicit drugs.

Some people just have to ruin it for the rest of us.